Mid March – Conclude Dance Performances

Recent month I focused on dance practice in my spare time. I started taking Ballet seriously (2-3 times a week), Jazz one time a week, and Bellydance 2-3 times a week. Everyday when clock hits 4pm, it’s my dancing time!

My bellydance class rehearsed a Saidi style choreography, five minutes long, performed in Baladi Saidi dresses in two occasions. It’s been an awesome experience. I’ve always wanted to perform Bellydance.

Here is the recording, it comes from the at least 10th try.

Here is a picture of me loving the dress in the gym after performance.

Baladi Saidi dress

I learned something about the dress and Bellydance styles. The dress is called Baladi Saidi dress. The dance style is of course Saidi style.

This article has incredibly great description of the dance style. Quotes here:

Saidi dance is a folkloric dance (one of the baladi dances) from the Sa’id, a rural area in Southern (Upper) Egypt. The dance style includes a lot of energetic bouncy footwork and horse-styled steps, and frequently incorporates a stick or cane, called an Assaya (Arabic for stick).

Of all the videos illustrated in this article, this is my favorite one, and I hope to form a group to rehearse this piece one day!

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